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Parenting your teen doesn't have to be so overwhelming and hard.

Teaching you the tools you need to change the dynamic between you and your teen so you can have the relationship of your dreams.

I help parents improve their parent-teen relationship, one lovingly

connected conversation at a time

Your teen pushes your buttons like it's their job..... psssttt it sort of is

Does this sound like your life???

Parenting teen girls

You used to dream of becoming a parent --so why does it so often feel like you want to just pack your bags and leave town!?

  • You're never sure how to approach a conversation

  • Your home feels like a battle zone

  • You're constantly told you just "don't understand"

  • You endure never-ending fights over social media, homework, electronics

You are overwhelmed and did NOT sign up for this....

  • A relationship you aren't happy in

  • A life you feel stuck and overwhelmed with

  • A constant feeling of being worn out and tired (something has got to give!)

  • A home life where yelling, crying, and screaming are the norm

I have a secret for you, despite your teens behavior... she really does want to be close to you and it's deeply affecting her that you two are not close

Parenting teen girls

Want to know a secret?

This isn't about your teen at all, this is about you, keep reading.....

All this overwhelm, upset, frustration etc can actually be solved WITHOUT your teen in the room!

Yep, it's true. I know that's scary and hard to hear but this isn't about them. THIS IS ABOUT YOU!

It is time for YOU TO HEAL.

-You can have the life you dream about

-A life you are excited for

-Your sense of self back

-A totally BADASS relationship with yourself and your TEEN

parenting teen girls

I get it, I've been there

For many years of my adult life I:

  • Felt overwhelmed and stuck

  • Was unhappy in my marriage

  • Longed for "a life"

  • Didn't LOVE my life and definitely didn't LOVE being a mother

  • Ran overdrive & fumes

It is time to reclaim you and your life!

This is why I created this workshop.

I've got you. Your solution is HERE!

Okay, so what the heck is this workshop?

No---for real what is it? What will we learn and do?

Besides FUN, community, and friendships you can expect:

You will learn my proprietary TEEN TALK approach to transform the relationship you have with your teen. These techniques are taught in a highly interactive, engaging and HANDS ON workshop where you will learn: 

  • why all of this is actually about YOU (gasp)and not your teenager

  • What YOUR past has to do with this and how to move forward from it

  • Tips, tools, & strategies for connected relationships that you LOVE

  • To STOP reacting to your teen's normal teen behavior

  • To speak your TEENS language

  • End the overwhelm and STUCK

  • To confidently have ALL the funcomfortable conversations: sex, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, porn

  • To look forward to being around your teen (IMAGINE THAT)

There are LOTS of small group exercises so you can practice what you are learning


Not only will this workshop help with your parent-teen relationship; but you also be able to use the same tips, tools and strategies in all your other relationships. HELLLL YESS!

Say goodbye to the overwhelming life stressing you out and SAY hello to a life you are excited about.

Hey there... I'm Heather, Relationships are my JAM. No seriously I love this relationship stuff!!

I am you, a fellow parent.... of a teen daughter. I've done this parenting thing on a personal and professional level for a long time now, over TWO DECADES!

I've been there and seen it all... the drama, the hormones, the girlfriends who stared holes through me, the rolling eyes, the blank stares, the wind changing directions and suddenly everything is fine or the end of the world 😊​and let me tell you...You are NOT alone! This ish is NOT easy! Your teen is not out to get you...I promise

Fun facts: I have two Master's degrees

Three kids (one of which is now 21)

I own an adoption agency

I had a "bad" childhood

parenting teen girls
parenting teen girls

This is a hard, shameful story for me to tell.....

You would NEVER guess this NOW....but the truth is that there was a period of time that I "didn't like my daughter", it pains me to admit this but it is important to share.

This parenting job is hard af and you are NOT alone!

I remember vividly confiding in a dear friend of mine that I didn't like my daughter. I would spell out all the ways I didn't like her, the things she would do and as I would tell my friend the stories and utter the heart shattering words "I don't like her".

I would also say deep down I know it's not her, it's me. I just don't know why, why the normal kid stuff she does is impacting me so much and causing these feelings. One thing was for sure, I knew it was NOT HER BUT ME!

One day while in the hustle and bustle of mom life, I shuffled her into the car to get her to gymnastics and as she innocently and with her sweet carefree nature beebopped into gymnastics and started doing her thing, it hit me like a ton of bricks and there I stood. Sobbing while watching her in gymnastics. You see, all of a sudden the WHY hit me.

It was ABOUT ME and not her.

There as I sobbed I realized she had the childhood I never got to have but always desperately wanted. I came from a very traumatic childhood and didn't live that innocent carefree childhood at all. I called my friend from the gymnastics place as I stood there sobbing and told her how I figured it out! And a weight of a thousand pounds was lifted off my shoulders. That is the day my relationship with my daughter changed in the most dreamy beautiful ways.

It took me healing ME to heal my relationship with my daughter.

The teen stage is my most favorite stage. I LOVE the days that we roll our sleeves up and dig into some "teen antics" and YOU CAN TOO!


parenting teen girls
parenting teen girls
parenting teen girls


All group sizes are kept small

In person meets 9:00a- 2:00pm and includes:

  • Printed workbook
  • Lunch-working lunch
  • Hands-on activities
  • Private online members only group
  • Online group call before the workshop
  • Online group call after the workshop

Online meets 9:00a- 12:30pm (PST)& includes:

  • Electronic workbook
  • Interactive live activities
  • Private online members only group
  • Online group call before the workshop
  • Online group call after the workshop

Don't see a date that works for you?

Want me to come to your town and hold a workshop?

Looking for other services/options to work with me?

Send me a message!!